Specialised Translations

The limits of my language are the limits of my world“

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Reego provides specialised language services, such as translations in the legal, regulatory, economics, medical and engineering markets and the adaptation of copy and marketing materials to new jurisdictions.

The very strong legal background of Reego allows it to deal with language in a very different setting to its competitors. The staff at Reego understands better than most the critical role of word selection and attributing the correct meaning to what is said. This commitment to preciseness is encapsulated in all assignments performed by us. The translators that work with us can comfortably work with algorithms and AI.

We organise certified or non-certified translations in a variety of countries, a service that is particularly useful when documents need to be certified in many countries owing to applications for clearance having to be filed in many countries.                                   


Areas covered: Legal & Economics. Engineering & Scientific. Medical. Marketing and Public Relations (among others).

Languages covered: German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Lithuanian, Estonian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Slovakian.


Case Study: Our client developed an algorithm-based legal documentation producer for the drafting of mandatory information memoranda (based on regulations from the European Commission) adopted buy a number of European and American investment Banks with a view to reducing compliance risk and cost.

Our role as a trusted advisor in language and regulation comprised input of adequate and precise language in substitution of the English and German base in a variety of European languages.

This case study illustrates how technology is also being used to support regulatory compliance and not only being subject to regulation. It also shows how language specialist partners are needed to bring innovative solutions to foreign markets.


Reego has worked in project with the following partners: